Cryptocurrency Application Development

Our cryptocurrency application development service offers the most comprehensive databases for tracking the prices of thousands of altcoins, real-time and historical price tracking so that you can keep a better track on crypto’s market. We offer all required features that are necessary for a cryptocurrency app that enables you to seamlessly send, store and receive cryptocurrency. Our developed application is a highly safe and secure solution for money transfer to bank account globally because we develop our own server rather than collaborating with any third-party server. Tech5i’s cryptocurrency app development benefits: Send and Receive money with ease Our high-quality crypto app enables users of the app to add money in the wallet through Bank Transfer, Card, Bitcoin and Ether in just a few taps. Currency Exchanger This feature provides the benefit to convert money from one currency to another at minimal exchange fees. Money Transfer With our app, you can easily transfer money from your wallet to any bank account of which you are a beneficiary that can also be done in terms of cryptocurrency like Bitocin and Ether. 24/7 support team Our support team is always there to solve your queries related to application because we believe in a smooth and hassle-free experience. Cryptocurrency development services include: - Exchange platform development - Wallet development - Mobile wallet app development - Ethereum development Technologies involved in the development of Cryptocurrency apps: - Programming language Swift 4 - Software Xcode 9.2 - Third-party APIs